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Bonded Warehouse
Our company is equipped with various types of comprehensive function warehouses both at home and abroad, heavy facilities like forklift trucks and lifting platforms and a number of trained, experienced and stable operation team to adapt to various types of special goods such as precision instruments, heavy large items, dangerous goods, cold chain goods and other operational requirements, and develop a complete set of specification and contingency plan system.

The A3802 block of Shanghai Yangshan Free Trade Zone has been built with a smart free trade area of 100,000 square meters . It is close to the Pudong International Airport and on the basis of Yangshan International Deepwater Port. It takes advantage of its geographical advantages and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone as the backing, with the opportunity of reform and innovation of the FTA, to give full play to its policy advantages. Taking industry 4.0 as the blueprint, we will build a new intelligent supply chain to use the advantages of backwardness, and provide services such as re-export trade, tax refund in bonded processing areas, centralized Customs declaration, integration of port areas, inspection and inspection, etc.