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Global Logistics
International Sea Freight

As a NVOCC with the advantages of comprehensive service, high quality, high speed and low cost, we accept the demand entrustment from different types of customers, undertake the resources integration, scheme design and operation execution of the whole logistics chain, provide "door-to-door" one-stop cross-border integrated logistics services for customers, and provide the integrated services of freight flow, document flow, information flow and capital flow in the process of cargo in transit.

Sea freight services cover international shipping booking, stowage, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, land transportation, inbound and outbound dynamics, international transit, multimodal transport at home and abroad, as well as air-sea intermodal transport, assembly and collection, dangerous goods and special containers transport, etc., and provide dynamic information services throughout the whole process. The products of the routes are rich and diverse, which meet different needs of customers at different levels of delivery cycle and cost.

International Air Freight

We can design and optimize the whole plan of cross-border logistics, which includes extracting goods from domestic shippers, declaring and inspecting customs, organize international transport activities, and distribute the goods to the designated delivery place of overseas consignees. We can carry out all-round rapid response and accomplishment to the flow of goods, documents, information and capital in the logistics chain. This service can meet all the needs of door-to-door one-stop cross boundary logistics.

Air freight services include factory pick-up, warehousing, tally, labeling, packing, stowage, freight collection, customs clearance and inspection, supervision, port entry management, and the services after the arrivalof goods at the unloading port are also included such as the cargo pick-up, customs clearance, warehousing, transit, distribution and delivery to receiving points.
Customs clearance service

We can classify, declare and inspect all kinds of commodities, and we are familiar with the policies and regulations of customs and entry-exit inspection and quarantine. Continuous follow-up, training and advisory services is offered to customer. We maintain smooth communication with inspection and quarantine departments meanwhile put respect and attach importance to customers' demand for clearance time.