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Information Technology
ANJI JIAJIA information technology Co.,LTD , Anji Storage (Shang-hai) Co.,LTD. , Anji Technology Co.,LTD. and Anji Navinfo Informa-tion Technology Co.,LTD are the subsidiaries of ANJI AUTOMO-TIVE LOGISTICS co.,LTD(the“ANJI LOGISTICS”) under the information technology section.

The research and application areas of ANJI LOGISTICS cover all aspects of automotive logistics operations and management, such as business management systems, warehousing and transporta-tion automation equipment, three-dimensional equipment, collabo-rative production technology, freight vehicle networking, big data analysis, artificial intelligence decision-making applications, etc.Through the combination of information technology and equip-ment technology, ANJI LOGISTICS is transforming into a technolo-gy-driven intelligent supply chain management enterprise.