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HOAU joins SAIC logistics sector.

The SAIC Logistics sector is committed to the overall transformation of integrated logistics service providers through the construction of cargo travel platform. It will spill over the superior technical ability and service competitiveness of supply chain management from the automotive industry to more and more customers and industries, so as to effectively support customers in various industries to optimize the supply chain, reduce inventory, enhance efficiency and quality and level up the competitiveness and sustainable development capability.

As the core enterprise of SAIC Logistics sector, SAIC ANJI Logistics is a leading domestic automotive logistics enterprise with combined revenue of 22.3 billion yuan in 2017. The operation volume and quality of automotive whole vehicle and parts logistics business are in the first-class level in the world. According to 2017 ranking of China's logistics enterprises made by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, ANJI Logistics ranked No. 10.
After HOAU joins the SAIC logistics sector, it will get strong support from the business scale, professional ability and financial strength, and achieve further development.